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Discover Wellness Center offers chiropractic medicine’s safe and proven therapies to treat and prevent a wide range of medical conditions including neck pain, back pain, shoulder hip & knee pain, headaches, digestive issues, and much, much more. Our experienced doctors are standing by to put chiropractic’s most effective techniques to work for you!

Our patients seek our help for a wide range of conditions. Once we have consulted with you and completely understood your unique health needs, we will be prepared to administer manual adjustments, computerized adjustments, Mechanical Motion Therapy, Meridian Stress Assessment, Stress Reduction Therapy, or an all-encompassing and multifaceted therapy program to treat the root cause of your discomfort.


Discover Wellness Center offers chiropractic medicine’s most effective therapies to treat our patients for a broad range of conditions. Please go to our Services page to learn more about manual and computerized adjustments, as well as Mechanical Motion Therapy, Meridian Stress Assessment and Stress Reduction Therapy.

Patient Resources

Our team is committed to making every visit to Discover Wellness Center fast and convenient. Please go to our Patient Resources page to fill out your new patient forms before your first visit to our clinic.

Our practice has served the greater Logan, Utah area since 1995, and the chiropractic physicians of Discover Wellness Center share decades of experience in their field of medicine. When you seek our aid, you can rest assured you are placing your health in the most capable hands.

Pain is not an inescapable part of life. It is treatable – fast, comfortably, and without the need for potentially addictive drugs. We look forward to helping you soon!

We welcome you to learn more about the safe, drug-free and effective therapies we offer, as well as schedule your initial consultation. Please contact Discover Wellness Center today!