Experience Chiropractic’s Most Effective Therapies

The chiropractic physicians of Discover Wellness Center employ a multifaceted approach to treating our patients. Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or any of several other conditions that prevent you from living a happy, comfortable and productive life, we offer the safest and most effective therapy for it.

Computerized Adjusting

We utilize chiropractic medicine’s state-of-the-art ProAdjuster 360 technology to automatically detect vertebral misalignment and restore our patient’s natural range of motion. Benefit from chiropractic medicine without the need for twisting, popping and cracking!

Manual Adjusting

The power to heal is in the palms of our chiropractic physicians’ hands. Manual adjusting is chiropractic medicine’s essential technique, and is as effective for treating neck and back pain as it is migraine headaches, high blood pressure, scoliosis and more.

Mechanical Motion Therapy (MMT)

MMT will lessen pain and restore your natural range of motion without the need for invasive surgery or potentially addictive drugs. From shoulder and knee problems to carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis, this fast yet gentle procedure treats a wide range of uncomfortable conditions.

Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA)

Is your body signaling your exposure to environmental toxins by presenting fatigue, headaches, depression or other symptoms? We employ MSA to determine precisely which toxins lie at the root of the problem, as well as prescribe effective treatment for a broad range of diseases and other ailments.

Stress Reduction Therapy (SRT)

SRT combines the best disciplines of acupuncture, biofeedback and homeopathy with laser light technology to provide an effective therapeutic solution to stress. Through computerized scanning, we will determine which environmental stressors your body is sensitive to so we can then correct any imbalance.

Please contact Discover Wellness Center today to learn more about the several beneficial services we offer.