Until recently, a chiropractor’s most important tools were their hands. Indeed, the word chiro comes from the ancient Greek word for “hand.” But as technology advances, so too does our field of medicine. That is why the chiropractors of Discover Wellness Center now enhance the range of treatments they provide with the aid of computerized adjustment.

Our clinic utilizes one of chiropractic’s most versatile computerized adjustment technologies: the ProAdjuster 360. Based on NASA’s space age technology, the ProAdjuster 360 measures the motion of every vertebra in the spine and then calibrates a specific adjustment to the levels of the spine not moving properly.

The information provided by the ProAdjuster 360 is invaluable to our chiropractors. With it they are able to detect even the slightest misalignment of the vertebrae, determine the unique needs of each of our patients’ spines, and prescribe the most effective chiropractic treatments.

Computerized adjusting also helps remove any guesswork in the treatment process. All misaligned vertebrae are clearly displayed on a touchscreen, and the optimal settings to restore each vertebra’s joint motion are automatically calculated. And perhaps best of all, the ProAdjuster 360 does away with potential discomfort as it eliminates all need for twisting, popping, cracking and turning!

Please contact Discover Wellness Center today to learn more about how computerized adjustments offer dramatic improvement to your comfort and range of motion.